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how to get a troubled teen back on track

Unfortunately, my son got caught up with the wrong group of kids over the last summer. It was not until the police officers brought him home that I learned of what he and his new group of friends were up to. I knew at that moment that I was going to need a lawyer to help me help him through the situation. My lawyer was so helpful in many ways. By the time we worked our way through the legal process, my son was able to walk away without any charges that could threaten his future. Visit my site to learn what can be done for a troubled teen to get him or her back on the right track.

how to get a troubled teen back on track

    The Critical Ways A Criminal Lawyer Helps Your Case

    If you've been charged with a crime, it's a constitutional right to have a lawyer. That's because freedom is so important, as are the rights of American citizens. If you have criminal charges pending, it's your right not to have a lawyer, but it isn't advised. A competent criminal lawyer has the ability to protect your rights, even if the case against you is strong. A lawyer will ensure that you are treated fairly and can positively help your case in three critical ways.

    How You Can Benefit From Personal Injury Legal Advice After Being Injured By A Faulty Product

    If you're ever injured by a product, you may have a personal injury case on your hands. The manufacturer may have knowingly built a product that wasn't up to the right safety standards. In this case, you'll need personal injury legal advice. Getting it can benefit you in many ways.  Improve Compensation Amount If the defective product caused severe injuries, then you probably want compensation to pay for medical bills and other damage that resulted.

    Social Media And Drunk Driving: How Social Media Can Impact A Drunk Driving Case

    If you were pulled over and arrested for a DUI, your social media accounts may wind up playing a role in your trial. The photos and statements that you and your friends post on your social media account can end up being used as evidence against you, even if the photos are not public photos. Here is what you need to know about social media and drunk driving.  Social Media Can Help Establish a Timeline

    What Is An Arraignment Hearing In A Criminal Case?

    Facing a criminal charge for the first time might present some confusion to you, as this would be something you had never experienced before, and one of the first things you should do after this happens is hire a criminal lawyer for help. Hiring a lawyer is not only the best way to have someone helping you fight your charge, but it is also a great way to learn more about the process of a criminal case.

    Potential Consequences Of Getting A DWI Conviction

    A DWI charge is something that most individuals never think that they will get. However, there are many drivers with "high tolerance" who find themselves facing these charges. Regardless of how confident drivers feel that they can drive a vehicle after a few drinks, it is still possible to end up with a DWI. It is important to note that a DWI charge is not a conviction. This is why it is imperative for individuals who face these charges to seek legal services.

    Make Plans For Who Will Pick Up Your Child After A DUI Arrest

    If there's one thing worse than getting pulled over for driving under the influence of alcohol, it's a DUI stop in which you're traveling with your child in the vehicle. First and foremost, this situation is serious because you may face additional DUI charges — child endangerment, for example — because of having your child with you. You'll also face other dilemmas, such as what you'll do with the child in the event that the police officer arrests you.

    Two Legal Options for Avoiding Escalating DUI Charges for Multiple Convictions

    To curb repeat offenses, states will typically stack DUI convictions over a period of time so that you are hit with increasingly severe consequences for each subsequent charge. Preventing prior charges from being considered during sentencing can reduce the consequences you face during sentencing. Here are two things that may be done to decrease or eliminate the impact of prior DUI convictions. File a Motion to Strike Prior Charges One option for dealing with prior convictions is to file a motion to strike them from your record.

    The Consequences Of A Hit & Run In Michigan Combined With A DUI

    In the state of Michigan, if you are involved in a vehicular accident, you are expected to stay at the scene of the accident and take a few specific action steps. You are expected to share your personal information, including your address and driver's license number, with either the police or the other parties involved in the accident. You are also expected to share information about the vehicle as well as your insurance information.